Inventing Energy Enablement

O - Optimization of natural resources

A - Awareness of energy equity and justice

S - Saving energy

I - Infrastructure for a clean energy future

S - Sustainability

Minority Woman-Owned Company

20+ Years of Energy Experience

Fueled by diversity, equity and justice

Future Ready, today

OASIS EP draws its inspiration from Ernest Cline’s 2011 book, “Ready Player One”. The “OASIS” for us represents a day where everyone has equal access to clean energy.  If we are guided by equity and justice, a clean energy future is well within our grasp. Partner with us today

Our Principles

1. Guided by equity and justice
2. Rooted in servitude
3. Dedicated to eliminating barriers to clean energy
4. Leave no one behind


No challenge is too complex for OASIS EP. Together with our industry partners, we push the boundaries of what is possible. The future of energy is here, today.

Our Partners

Technology Partner

Data-Curation Partner

Outreach & Engagement Partner

Engineering Partner

Partnering with diverse businesses like OASIS EP is a strategic advantage for Accent Gold Solutions. Our partnership is the catalyst to moving our business forward.

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw

Accent Gold Solutions

Future ready, today