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Meet our CEO, Brooke Smallwood, an energy expert with over 25 years of experience. At the core of Brooke’s personal commitment lies a profound dedication to advancing diversity, equity, and justice within the energy industry. Her passions fuel her unwavering efforts to bring about positive change and create a more equitable and sustainable energy future for everyone. 

Brooke was inspired by Ernest Cline’s 2011 book, “Ready Player One”, which talked about a place called the OASIS. In the OASIS, people could live out their wildest dreams. It is her dream that clean and affordable energy is enjoyed by all. It was in this spirit, she set off to build her OASIS. 

O- Optimization of natural resources

A- Awareness of energy equity and justice

S- Saving energy

I- Infrastructure for a clean energy future

S- Sustainability


Samantha Reese (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Cecilia Springer (Global Efficiency Intelligence)

Team Picture - University of Maryland Feb 2024

Teaching Equitable EV Charging Infrastructure at University of Maryland Feb 2024

Founding OASIS EP

I founded OASIS EP to work to overcome barriers to clean energy, create opportunities for diversity, and ensure that the benefits of energy advancement are accessible to all individuals.


At OASIS, our superpower is Diversity. As a Minority Woman-Owned Company, we appreciate and understand the barriers to change in the energy industry.  We believe that the lack of diversity in energy has contributed directly to issues of energy injustice, lack of equity and energy insecurity. 

My Leadership Style

My leadership approach is rooted in Servant Leadership. I am unafraid of confronting difficult discussions, tackling intricate problems, and addressing divisive matters that could hinder essential transformational progress. As a leader, I extend this readiness to my team to engage with intricate challenges, surmount obstacles, and propel market transformation alongside every client we serve.

Social Impact

Social impact is one of our core values. Our commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, equity and justice is intentional and hard-wired.  We use data and technology in creative and innovative ways to ensure social impact is achieved. Best intentions are important, but measurement and verification is required to meet intended goals and outcomes. Moving forward, the energy industry can no longer afford to not diversify, to ignore the lack of equity and turn a blind eye to energy insecurity.  We subscribe to the belief that access to clean and affordable energy is a human right.

My Philosophy

Breaking Barriers

How I got here
1. Pioneering Pathways: Breaking into the energy industry wasn’t easy. The scarcity of women in leadership roles was evident, but that fueled my determination. I knew I had a unique perspective to offer, and I was ready to carve my own path.

2. Leading by Example: Being a woman leader isn’t just about occupying a position; it’s about leading by example. I’ve shown that competence knows no gender. By tackling complex issues head-on, I’ve proven that my voice matters and that I can drive meaningful change.

3. Inspiring Future Generations: My journey isn’t just for me; it’s for the generations of women coming after me. By challenging norms and succeeding, I’m paving the way for more women to rise and thrive in the energy sector.

Brooke Smallwood

"Be brave. Be amazing. Be worthy "

shonda rhimes

"Change requires intent and effort. It really is that simple."

roxanne gay

"The things that make us different, those are our superpowers."

lena waithe

Publications & Engagements

“Non-Wire Alternatives Meet Energy Efficiency”

Brooke presented to industry leaders in Detroit, MI in July 2023.  The presentation and white paper discussed introduced a concept Brooke called “Micro Targeted Energy Efficiency”. This concept uses Building Energy Performance data and Utility Constraints Maps to target buildings in need of major energy upgrades while relieving the grid of increased demand.

“Environmental Justice in the Energy Sector”

Brooke served as the Moderator for presentation hosted by The Maryland Clean Energy Center, where she is an Advisor.  Brooke navigatged the panel through an interesting discussion on the impacts of enervironmental justice in energy.

“Energy as a Service”

Brooke served as a Panelist alongside other industry leaders on the technical and financial benefits of Energy as a Service. She brought her decades of experience in the business model to the panel.